Forget the Podium

Why you’ll see me moving around during the Lead with Confidence program

I hate podiums. They are not part of my comfort zone.

It has nothing to do with feeling nervous in front of a crowd. As a former college professor and corporate facilitator, being in front of a large audience has never fazed me. But I’ve always despised podiums because of their constrictive nature. I feel pressured to stick to just my prepared remarks when I’m asked to stand behind that awkward box; I simply dislike standing still and being “chained” to a podium to deliver my programs.  That would be for you and me “Snoozeville”. (I know there are occasions when there is need to be at a podium for program flow when you have multiple speakers or when the room layout demands that others can see you.  Nonetheless, it’s just not my preferred thing.)

I’m a much better presenter when I can move around, change up the script and allow my enthusiasm and passion to spread around the room.  To me, leadership is EXCITING and a podium doesn’t serve up that feel for my program-type, which is highly interactive.

Another aspect? I cannot sit (or stand) still for very long. Those of you who have already attended my Lead with Confidence workshop have seen that I am very expressive. My body language and hand gestures help to convey the lesson.

But the biggest reason I hate podiums? Because these workshops are not about ME. They are about YOU.  When I think of podiums, I imagine distinguished keynote speakers invited to special events to discuss their own achievements and their journey. That isn’t what my presentations are about. The curriculum includes advice influenced by my 12+ years in the corporate world, but the goal of the workshop is not to highlight my own accomplishments. The goal is to help ignite your career in a new way.

The Lead with Confidence workshop is all about helping you to advance in your career through a variety of exercises, interactions and new tools you experience. You will learn how to better promote yourself and feel more confident in negotiating for career-impacting opportunity, and yes, even in negotiation for more money.   You’ll learn strategies for expanding your professional network and practice communication methods to get you there. You’ll also see me walking around, checking on your progress, and offering personalized suggestions for how to improve your delivery, and with a constant reminder to “Carpe Diem” – seize the day, seize the moment, to bravely and boldly do just one new thing to move you toward fulfilling your career desire.

I view it as me being in this career battle with you. So, if I’m with you, then I better be next to you sharing this guidance at your tables, as opposed to being confined on a stage, separate from you.   I look forward to seizing the moment together, on the floor, at your tables, and by your side.

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